4 hr palming

I had a cold a couple of weeks ago and lying in bed reading just made it feel worse.  getting up made feel dizzy and sick.  So I decided to try a really long palming session. I palmed for 4 hours (lying down).  I had breaks every 30 minutes to an hour to get water.

I can definitely say it was worth it, I learned a lot about how listening to my body can help it immediately.

From the perspective of my cold, it took away my congestion within 10 minutes.  At first, when I would stand up the congestion came back right away.  When I was done though, it took the congestion a couple of hours to come back.

After a couple of hours of palming my chest relaxed and my breathing suddenly was so free.  It was actually startling.  I remember the tinnitus in my ear stopped, my breathing was easy and full.  The sense of ease was so different from anything I’d experienced before that I was a bit shocked and some of the tension returned.

At the third hour I had a big breakthrough.  my neck started to hurt, it was a cramp starting from my shoulder and I could feel it reaching around my head like a tension headache.  Normally at this point I would have lowered my hands from palming and tried to stretch out my neck or something.  But I had become more in tune with my body as a result of palming for three hours and I just intuitively held my head with both hands, and moved it slightly so that my chin tucked in closer to my chest and my neck stretched out.  I had been pulling my head back unconsciously.  As soon as I released this pulling, tightening by shifting my head and just letting go, I felt this amazing release along my entire spine.  And then that release spread out and many more muscles in my body relaxed.  It made me realize that this tightening back of my head from the neck muscles is something I do chronically.  It’s what keeps my chin jutted out and cranes my neck.  Learning how to release it was a huge breakthrough.  Now that I know how, I can release it within 5 minutes of palming.  I can release it while standing, sitting, working, reading.  It feels amazing each time.  It relaxes my whole back, then my whole body and makes my breathing easier.

At the end of the palming when I got up I noticed that I moved differently, more gracefully and from the hips.  There was a slight improvement to my eyesight, but I was most happy about the way I felt, so much better.  Over the next week or so I was so much more motivated to palm.  And I gain a lot from palming now.  In just 20 minutes I can reach the same state of relaxation it took me 4 hours to reach on that day.  I had learned something about my body that I can use now to relax with more ease, more quickly.  I hope to repeat this and do one long palming session per month.  More would be better, but I have to be realistic with the time constraints I have right now.  But I do think that the improved circulation from releasing this neck tension will improve my sight in the long run.

About a week after this epic palming session, I had about an hour of amazingly clear vision.  I could distinguish leaves on trees 100 meters away, and pine cones on other trees only slightly closer.   There were so many small details that I could see out my window that I had never seen before.  I was amazed, it was like the first time I had seen!  I think it was a result of everything I’ve learned just clicking in place all at once.


16 thoughts on “4 hr palming

  1. Hi Sorrisi

    First time posting here but I have been following your tremendous progress with interest, both here and on the iblindness site. I have gained plenty of insights from your posts. This is another terrific one.

    A line from your last post has stuck in my mind since I read it: “This did help my relaxation during palming but I wasn’t sufficiently convinced to keep on practising with the vase or other black objects.” In particular the words “but I wasn’t sufficiently convinced”. Bares tells us these things but we don’t entirely believe him do we? (well, I’m speaking for myself here!) Thanks for demonstrating it. I have done a little palming recently so it’s time to pull my finger out!

    • Hi Sean, Nice catch. You definitely picked up on one of those subconscious thoughts floating through my head.

      I guess this is why Bates always started his magazines with a ‘demonstrate’ article. We don’t believe it until we experience it. He also advocates repetition, probably to keep up the memory that it works. often I ignore that advice of his!

      I hadn’t ever had immediate success with palming, so I had started to discard it as something that didn’t work for me. Lucky thing I started practicing it again in a different way and more consistently so that I could see that it really does help me a lot.

      On some level, I think I have realized this subconscious doubt in the method. That is despite how much permanent progress I’ve experienced! I think it’s bound to happen, since the vision fluctuates a lot as it improves, sometimes amazing, but sometimes blurry. It helps me to write down in a small notebook the things that help me. I just write one thing per page. Then, when my vision seems a bit worse than normal, I get out my book. It’s a reminder that my vision has improved a lot. I then use one of the relaxation techniques to improve my sight, and then I feel better about it overall. Maybe you can do something similar to keep you going in the right direction!

      thanks for writing!

  2. Wow! Sorrisi, this is absolutely great! I am going to try this long time palming to help my neck heal. Been having a terrible time with neck tension, balance since the chiropractor injured my neck and back and I dont palm much cause always typing trying to finish up the books. I do feel a difference in my whole spine, back, neck, head when the neck is tense and then relaxed. It travels into the chest.


    Remember to let me know when your blog is almost done for converting it tt a E-Book: I will create one for you with acrobat 9. Then new blog additions will be easy to add on.


    • hi Clark! I hope you find something soon to help your neck. I recommend Meir Schneider’s book (Handbook for self Healing). I think the kinesthetic awareness I learned from doing his exercizes helped me to get to the point where I could make this breakthrough.

      I look forward to the acrobat version of my blog! I’d like to at least have an unrestricted driver’s licence! I ‘ll let you know when I get that far!!!!

  3. Sorrisi,
    Congratulations on this new milestone. What you did to adjust your neck sounds very like an AT session, a subtle re-positioning that makes a huge difference throughout the entire body. It’s all about th atlanto-occipital joint. Nice going.

  4. dreamersight Nabcy,
    Please tell what is the atlanto-occipital joint?
    Any relation to C-1 Atlas?

    Sorrisi, thanks, I will try Meir. I like his work more and more.
    He also keeps it simple.


  5. Hey! I was looking through your blog and I was wondering …

    could you do a summary (detailed, maybe a couple pages) of your journey up until now? I would love to read everything, but the sheer volume is amazing.

  6. If you use free 30 day trail of Adobe Acrobat, you can convert thisentire blog to PDF. Then you cna do ‘word search’ for anything you like and Sorrisis links also work.
    Its a great resource, a E-Book.

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