coming up: free lessons and a new website

I am really excited to let you all know that I’m in the process of transforming my blog into a new website.  Thanks so much for your support on, and I absolutely can’t wait to launch my new website – under my real name.

journeyThe reason to transform my blog into a website is that I have moved beyond my initial aims.  When I first read about the Bates method, I asked myself if vision improvement was really possible.  I couldn’t find a single personal account online, so I started this blog as a way to answer the question publicly.  I wrote this blog under the penname ‘sorrisi’ over the last 5 years and I gradually documented what became my own vision improvement journey. It is the first record of its kind online and I hope that it inspires others to improve their vision and perhaps even start a vision blog as well.

Now I want to make vision improvement easy to learn and easy to share. 

The website will allow me to go beyond showing what is possible for just one person.  I’m going to add some features that are not possible in the current format.  These will be gradually introduced after the initial launch (in a couple of weeks all going well).  May aim is to enable more people to:

  • document their vision improvement
  • form local vision improvement groups
  • support and understand research in vision improvement

As part of this, I want to meet more of you personally.

I get so many lovely comments on my blog and often think how nice it would be to have a conversation.  Sometimes I get very good questions that would be easier to answer through individual conversation.  Perhaps you are new to vision improvement and you want to know how to start.  So I’ve decided to have kind of an open day for these kinds of conversations on a monthly basis.  If you have a question about vision improvement or just want to chat, then give me a call on Saturday, 6 April 2013.  Find my email address on the contact me page and send me a message to arrange a time.

Subscribe to the right so you don’t miss future updates, and please write a comment to let me know what else you would like to see on the upcoming website.  I write freely about vision improvement and I’m committed to continuing this on the new site.


14 thoughts on “coming up: free lessons and a new website

  1. Sorrisi,
    This is very generous! You will help some grateful people, I’m expecting. I really look forward to your website, and your “coming out”.

    • Hi Nancy, thank you as always for your kind comments!! Now I need to put in that last bit of work to make this happen!

  2. Hi Sorrisi
    I’m new to your blog (am still reading backdates) and think it’s great. Your new venture sounds like a big step forward and should help a lot of people.
    Have you thought of putting on short courses online for those starting vision therapy? I say this because I’ve just participated in a wonderful 6-week mindfulness course (Dr Thanh in Hawaii) which is absolutely free, gives wonderful information and audio/video, plus you can ask questions and you send in a report every week with your progress (through Yahoo Groups), and get feedback (usually in group form). Getting to read the reports of other participants is unbelievably supportive and encouraging.
    I just finished this course and was wishing that someone would start such a course for vision therapy – going through basics of chart work, swinging, shifting etc. with a new topic each week to practise. I know all this information is already out there, but put into manageable chunks to practise each week would make it less overwhelming and more achievable. Also reporting back each week is very helpful.
    I’ve been doing vision therapy on and off for a while, and though I’ve had some success, and wear reduced prescription glasses, I get easily discouraged, and am not always sure I’m practising things correctly.
    This is just an idea, but it would reach a lot of people who want to know the basics.
    Many thanks again for your blog, and am looking forward to your new website!

    • Hi EffJay

      Thank you for a wonderful suggestion.

      I do think quite often about making a beginners course for vision improvement, and I often think about creating a platform for vision improvement groups where people can learn together and inspire each other.

      I love your idea – to combine the two into something even more useful and supportive!

      I will look up Dr Thanh’s course for inspiration – it is very admirable to put in so much work for a course and to offer it for free.

      Keep in touch!

      • Hi Sorrisi

        It’s great that you would consider setting up a beginner’s course. I know it would take a lot of work and organisation to set up but it would be very worthwhile. Let me know if you need the link to the mindfulness course. It is free, but participants usually make a donation, or donate goods to a charity shop etc. to give something back. I think it’s a winning format.
        When you’re starting off vision therapy it’s so difficult! For instance, in the beginning I innocently asked an optician for a reduced presciption of 0.50 diopters but had such a negative reaction I felt like giving up. Also could not get hold of my pupillary distance from any optician. You would think I had asked for something illegal!
        Finally found online places where I could order whatever strength glasses I wanted, and they could take the pupillary distance from old specs. Result was immediate reduction at next eye test, a couple of months later, of 0.50 and 0.75 diopters, which proves, I think, that opticians routinely overprescribe. Now I don’t even bother to discuss my vision therapy with an optician. I just go along to a new optician each time in my reduced strength glasses and see what happens.
        Keep up the good work!

      • Hi EffJay, thank you – send along the link, that would be interesting! I think I found it, but am not sure it’s the right one.

        I hope you find a sympathetic optometrist at some point! That is very disappointing that they would not give you your pupillary distance.


      • Hi Sorrisi

        Here is the website address: The course is now being extended from 6 to 8 weeks.
        The basic format is this: You download new materials (notes, audio, video) every week. Everyone keeps a diary of what they do each day, then once a week they post a short weekly report of how they’ve got on, plus any questions, onto the Google group site, which everyone in the group can then read as a digest. Dr Thanh then responds to questions and also to the groups’ reports as a whole. At the end of the course there is a questionnaire to give feedback on what has been useful etc.
        Hope this is useful. It could be adapted in any way. The materials could last longer than one week, as many of us on the last course found that we needed longer at each stage, but writing in a report every week is very useful and it’s great to hear how everyone else is getting on, good or bad!
        Best wishes

      • Hi, thanks! That is the website I found – it looks like an easy format that should be accessible for most people. The wheels in my head are turning!

        Best wishes

  3. I have been working on improving my eyesight, using a combination of Bates exercises and EFT (for relieving the deep-seated emotional issues in my eyes and in my vision). I’m looking forward to your new website!

  4. Hi SorrisI,

    Wow! This is exciting news! I am really looking forward to your new website –you are so generous and helpful in sharing your knowledge and experiences. I would love to be part of a group that is just beginning to focus on natural vision methods. It would make learning so much more like an adventure! I would love to chat with you and will be in touch via email. Three cheers to you Sorrisi!

    • Thanks Debbie, I am looking forward to speaking with you!! With all of this encouragement for group lessons, I guess I’m going to have to pull my notes together and get this going!


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