Lessons for me and you: 6 April open day recap

I’m not sure what I was expecting when I decided to have an open day to talk with readers of my blog.  But I was blown away by how people responded.

Some took the opportunity to write to me just to say thank you or to explain their vision journey and improvement.  What a nice surprise!

Those I spoke with offered to help me spread the word about vision improvement!   I can’t even describe what an unexpected relief this was.

Writing my blog is something I enjoy spending time on, but sometimes the project as a whole is a bit overwhelming.  It is taking me longer than expected to launch my website, and sometimes when I think of all the other ideas I have, I get disheartened at how long it will take to implement.  Just knowing that there are others out there ready to help out when needed makes me feel hopeful.  The transition from blog to website is meant to initiate a shift in perspective from ‘my vision improvement’ to ‘our vision improvement’.  This feels so much more likely to happen now!

treedetailA common theme seemed to run through my talks and emails that weekend.  These are two principles that go hand in hand:

Consistency and Creativity

If there is one thing in common among people who have improved their vision it is consistency.  They found something that helped.  And they practiced it daily without fail.  What they practice depends on personality and their own needs.  Some people naturally vary what they do, or they take a fresh perspective when they practice the same thing every day.

But for those without this tendency, getting bored is a reason they quit practicing, and practicing by rote (i.e., without bringing awareness to the practice) is a reason for stagnating progress.  When this happens it’s important to be creative in your practice.  This is one area I love to talk about with people – it’s all about finding what interests them, and then working their vision improvement practice into those activities.


6 thoughts on “Lessons for me and you: 6 April open day recap

  1. Yes, none of us is as strong as all of us. I think the time of the rugged individual slaying dragons alone and being thought “weak” if he asked for help is over. Collaboration, pooling ideas and learning from each other, allows everyone to move forward faster. Great post!

  2. Your blog is such an inspiration to me! I agree with you that consistency is definitely the key. It took me a while to figure out what worked for me, but now that I have found it, it’s just a matter of reminding myself often enough to ask myself whether I’m using unnecessary effort. I can go from being pretty nearsighted to having much improved vision in about ten minutes of practice (through mental pictures, noticing physical feelings, noticing incorrect thoughts I have about “needing” to make certain muscle movements, and noticing things moving in the field of vision), but making a habit of staying in the more relaxed state is a long, slow journey. I wish there were an easier way to convey the ideas to other people. At some point when I have more time in my life, I’d like to collaborate with other people who have also had success and break this wide open to the world. Your blog is a great start, and I appreciate the time you put into this endeavor.

    • Hi Sean

      thanks so much for your comments!

      Keep in touch – soon I’ll have some collaborating features here. I want to make it really easy (and not take too much time!) to join up with more people like you so we can make a big difference together.


  3. I loved talking with you Sorrisi! Your experience and information really helped me get clearer on how I wanted to go about improving my vision. I have incorporated some of the activities and philosophy we talked about and have even had an AHA moment. I am really happy to be able to connect with others who are on the same journey and look forward to future alliances! We will definitely create a synergy as a group than plodding along by ourselves. Thanks so much for both your call and support Sorris!

    • Hi Debbie, I’m so so happy to read this!! I look forward to catching up with you again soon to hear about your AHA moment! all my best, sorrisi

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