back to blogging after a long break

I’m not sure where to start, and I’m not sure who is still out there.  It has been 2.5 years since my last post, so I guess a lot has changed in your lives as well.

Where have I been, why did I disappear completely?

It was a great source of stress to me that I couldn’t keep up the blog.  From about the beginning of 2012 I really struggled – responding to comments, emails, writing posts.  Not being able to act on all of the ideas I want to share with you.  On the one hand I was too overwhelmed to write by mid year.  On the other hand I didn’t want to post an announcement “I’m taking a break” because at first it felt too depressing to admit, then it would have felt like giving up, and then so much time went by all of these feelings were replaced by guilt and remorse for not having posted anything at all.

In my last post (August 2013) I had discussed some progress I had made toward relieving my migraines.  This progress was short-lived, and my migraines continued to increase in intensity.  By the end of 2013, I was having at least one full-blown migraine a week, sometimes two.  This is when I stopped blogging; I was basically no longer able to carry on with much other than work and recovery from migraines.  Something had to change and I had no clue what else I could try.  I was still convinced stress reduction or posture improvement was the only solution available, but despite trying every stress reduction technique/practice under the sun, I just couldn’t crack it.  I started tracking how many days I spent in extreme pain per month, and was shocked to find it was more than half.

At the same time, I was carpooling with a colleague who was very interested in diet.  After reading loads of research and books that he sent my way, I convinced myself that going on an elimination diet to uncover food intolerances would be the best hope of helping my husband, who has an auto-immune condition.  Looking back, I’m so surprised I didn’t even think once that it could help me.

So we went on an elimination diet (more details later if people are interested) in January 2014.

After a couple of weeks, I noticed I started to feel better, and by the end of the month, I hadn’t had a migraine and was noticing the absence of problems I had even taken for granted or stopped noticing because they were small compared to the migraines.  My husband found he had more energy on the new diet, but unfortunately it did not help his auto-immune condition.

So you might wonder, if I discovered the key to my problem in January, why did it take so long for me to get my life back to normal?  This is where it’s easy to say “we changed our diet” and very difficult for someone else to understand what that means in daily life.

My husband and I spent a significant amount of our spare time cooking, exploring new ingredients, and experimenting with introducing foods that had been eliminated to see what I could tolerate.  I have found I cannot tolerate gluten, wheat or dairy.  (You might wonder why I include both gluten and wheat separately. There are gluten free products with wheat starch; this also triggers migraines for me.)  Eating out is difficult, and I made a lot of mistakes where I thought a little wouldn’t hurt, and then suffered with a migraine for a few days after that.  This took most of our spare time in 2014 and half of 2015.   I also spent a significant amount of time helping my husband get his business off the ground in 2015.

So here I am, back at it.  Not in perfect health, but good enough to be hopeful.  I still get perhaps one migraine every couple of months, usually linked to contamination when eating out.  I’ve maintained most of my vision improvement, even though I only practiced intermittently.  I will continue blogging again, and further developing my regular vision improvement practice.  I’ve learned a few lessons:

  • It’s important to accept limitations. I’ve accepted that I’m not able to respond to all comments or launch as much on this blog or the planned website as quickly as I would like.
  • Focus on what is most important.  I am going to continue to develop my own practice, and to share the tools I make for myself and my friends here on my blog, to make it easier for you to learn and practice vision improvement.  Everything else is just details.
  • If you want to make a step change in health (or anything…) expect to have to make an equally large change to your actions.  It might be an unexpected change!

To all of you, thank you for your patience, and the nice emails during my absence from this blog.

Best wishes for a happy and healthy 2016!


18 thoughts on “back to blogging after a long break

  1. Sorrisi is back! Great!!! We all missed you.

    Glad you are discovering the cause of the migraines.

    Hum; wonder what is in the food from restaurants? MSG? Subway sandwich shop calls it flavor enhancer, yeast extract or hydrolyzed (?spelling) protein, corn, yeast… Many different names the Govt. allows to hide MSG, sulfites and their variations. Smoked food, All processed meat; hotdogs, salami.

    I had migraines from too much soy; when I stop it makes a estrogen withdrawal. Also got from too much estrogen and herbs I took in the past.

    As I got older, no hormones in body; they lights in the eyes, memory off, headache… stopped. But if get exposed to MSG, sulfites (often in pizza, shelled peanuts…) I get the headache and light spaceyness for a day.

    Bird seed that is processed on machines that do not add sulfites to the seed but have traces of it from the last product the machine processed got on my skin, into blood through skin and that gave a migraine.

    My pet pigeon and squirrels can always detect unlisted sulfites; will only eat that seed if starving and store has nothing else.

    Sorrisi; let me know if any of these sound familiar. If not, tell me. I will try to get this 59 yr. old brain to remember more causes of migraines. Some people just grow out of them. My auntie in 80’s can eat most anything.

    • Hi ClarkNight, thanks for the kind words! So far it seems wheat and gluten contamination trigger migraines for me – as long as I stay away from those I’m generally ok. Even tiny amounts can trigger them, though, so when I eat out, I think it could be something simple like oil that is re-used for cooking both wheat and non-wheat dishes.

      • That’s interesting.
        I have used the herb feverfew during my work, school days; it will stop a migraine even after its gone into zig-zagging lights, pain… Prevents that days of it lingering thing.

        But as I got older; about 1-2 days after I take it, it makes my joints, muscles stiff. Easy to pull a muscle. I use less now. Got a good balance. Only take it once in a while if feel that spacey brain after contact with migraine inducing food. Just a 8th to a 4th of a powdered herb capsule.
        This stuff saved me from having to take days off from work when get a migraine.
        In Massachusetts; a lady news reporter started slurring her speech, losing memory… live on TV. Her mother knew exactly what it was; migraine. Doctor confirmed. She also changed her diet.

        Will try removing all gluten.

      • sorry to hear that you suffer from migraines as well. If you do remove gluten, keep in mind you will have to read the ingredients list of everything that goes in your mouth, because flour is often added to things you might not expect, such as mustard and ketchup.

  2. Sorissi, welcome back! I’ve missed you. I’m glad you’re becoming migraine-free, and have learned so much about how to stay that way. With all my energy medicine and EFT training, I’m wondering if some of your food sensitivities grew out of something emotional. I know one practitioner who eliminates allergies by helping the client remember an earlier traumatic experience tied to eating the culprit food, then that food is forever paired with Danger! to the body. So she teaches the immune system the food is safe, and not to over-react. Anyway, just one more thing to ponder. The longer I do this vision improvement dance, the more I see how much it’s about emotions. Anyway, it’s great to hear from you. Happy almost 2016, which I am expecting to be spectacular. Take care.

    • hi Nancy,

      it’s great to hear from you!

      I hadn’t thought of a specific emotional traumatic experience. My theory so far was that having subsisted on mostly milk and wheat for stressful decades could have caused the problem through a leaky gut and the corresponding immune response when undigested food enters the body where it’s not supposed to. But I do find your EFT idea is interesting to explore – I’ve found that so many things that have a very complex mind / body response. I guess there is nothing to lose! what is her name?
      take care,

      • My EFT teacher is Carol Look, whom I’ve been studying with for years. She’s the best EFT person in the world, to me. She certified me as one of her first Abundance Coaches after an intensive year-long training, and I’m still in an advanced program with her. I coach people with EFT myself, for vision issues and other things, mostly over Skype. I just started working with a woman who suddenly lost part of her visual field in one eye AFTER being diagnosed with a rare auto-immune illness — she didn’t want to see her future! Anyway, here’s some info about EFT from my website. I’d love to work with you personally for a session or 2 if you’re interested. Take care, Sorrisi.

  3. Welcome back! I did notice your absence, but completely understand. Sorry for all your troubles.

    Good detective work on the food intolerances. I echo Nancy’s comments on EFT as a way to pursue things even further. EFT can seem like such a hokey load of nonsense, but I took a class this year, and learning EFT was a key part of it. I was pretty amazed at some of the results I saw in others, especially on things that were not “explicitly” emotional. Like optical migraines and other forms of chronic pain. Sorrisi, happy to share info or discuss if you’d like to know more. Feel free to get in touch by email.

    • thanks Mitch, you read my mind. Despite experiencing a lot of things that seem odd or hokey myself, I do still have to remind myself that there is so much we don’t understand about the mind / body connection!

  4. Where to post something about Dr. Bates, his method. Like his old strabismus cures using the imagination and control of the crossed, wandered eye’s image. .

  5. So happy your are back Sorrisi! Glad you are getting some relief from your migraines –sorry you had to endure them. Have you ever tried high quality essential oils to help with your migraines? Just a thought of another area you might explore that would help. Looking forward to your future posts again. 😀

  6. Hi! I wanted to post on your site, as I have some very encouraging news on my own vision improvement! (For those who don’t know me, I am “sassisailor”, I left my blog years ago after experiencing new life, moving to a place with dial-up internet, and having 3 kids in 3 years!). I had experienced an improvement in my vision (I am very near-sighted) of 2 diopters, which I confirmed with my focometer. Well this week I went to the eye doctor // first time in over eight years //
    And I have spectacular news! I have maintained most of the improvement I made using the Bates Method! And no astigmatism! I wanted to give encouragement and confirmation that yes, the Bates Method DOES work, and the improvement can be lasting, even if we aren’t spending as much time on our improvement. What I kept with me all of these years was wearing glasses of lower strength when I was in the house and reading, spending time with them off, palming once in a while, sunning and swinging occasionally when I am outside with my kids, etc… So while I haven’t continued to improve, I have maintained my previous progress. To me this is huge. I am hoping to move forward at this point from where I left off, and push again towards that goal of perfect sight without glasses! This confirmation from the eye doctor has really spurred me on to get back into vision improvement and to begin working with my own kids as well. Hello to you all, so nice to see some familiar names in the comments, I have missed your company as well.
    Leslie, aka sassisailor

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